Family Law Overview

Experienced Divorce and Custody Attorney

Even couples who want an amicable divorce get deadlocked on issues.  If you are not on good terms, these differences are magnified. John M. Dohner is recognized by the courts, past clients, and fellow attorneys as being highly adept at resolving the most difficult and complex cases and ushering clients through, what can be, a long and frustrating process to positive outcomes.

Mr. Dohner is certified by the Ohio Bar as a Specialist in Family Relations Law, the focus of his practice for more than 25 years.  Contact our office to arrange a consultation today.  The Dohner Law Firm represents men and women in Akron, Summit County, and surrounding counties. See our Case Summaries page to learn more.

Your Ohio Divorce

Mr. Dohner will explain the divorce process — his role and what to expect at each stage.  He offers sophisticated divorce planning to put clients on solid financial ground during and after relevant legal proceedings.

We handle all aspects of divorce, contested or uncontested:

  • High-Asset Divorce — Mr. Dohner has extensive experience in divorces involving professional practices and business valuations, separate vs. joint property, and creative trade-offs to reach a settlement.
  • Custody and Visitation — As courts are moving toward shared parenting, Mr. Dohner asserts your wishes and protects your child's best interests while helping to craft a workable solution.
  • Interstate Custody — We provide local counsel to parents who live outside of Ohio and represent either party in petitions to relocate beyond Ohio with the kids.
  • Child Support — We represent your interests in determination, modification, or enforcement of court-ordered support.
  • Spousal Support — Mr. Dohner's familiarity with the tendencies of local courts can be a big advantage in this discretionary area of the law.
  • Prenuptial Agreements — John Dohner carefully drafts or reviews premarital agreements to protect assets brought to a new marriage.

At the Dohner Law Firm, we understand the sensitive and confidential nature needed to effectively handle our clients’ family law issues.  We are eager to assist our clients and establish a fruitful relationship that will ensure the most adequate, effective, and harmonious resolution of whatever legal issues may be affecting you and your family.  Contact us today at 330.376.6300.  We have evening and weekend appointments available in Akron and Hudson.

About Divorce

Contested divorce is a long and involved process. It will be one to two years before the judge declares you officially divorced. Between now and then, there will be a range of emotions, many new developments, and some hard decisions. Read More

The Divorce Process

The Dohner Law Firm favors a collaborative approach to dissolving marriage. Focused litigation has its place, but with through, in-depth planning and a philosophy of resolution, we aim to avoid the delays, expense, and animosity of courtroom battles. Read More

Divorce Planning

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High-Asset Divorce

Dividing the marital estate is always contentious and more so when there are legitimate disputes about the value of large assets and whether they are separately owned. The Dohner Law Firm has substantial experience in all facets of high-asset divorce… Read More


A prenuptial agreement is a prudent and legitimate way to protect the assets you bring to a marriage. If properly drafted, a prenuptial agreement will generally hold up in court and significantly reduce litigation in the event of a divorce. Read More

Custody and Visitation

Ohio courts are moving away from the traditional custody-and-visitation models in which one parent is the primary custodian and the other parent has limited time with the child and even less involvement in parenting decisions. Read More

Interstate Custody

The Dohner Law Firm provides local representation for parents who live in other states but who have child custody matters in Ohio. Attorney Dohner also represents parties in Ohio proceedings when one parent petitions to relocate out of state with the… Read More

Child Support

Financial support for children is dictated largely by Ohio's child support guidelines. There are various reasons to deviate from the formula, though, and the calculation is different for high earners. You may also need a skilled lawyer to enforce co… Read More

Spousal Support

Spousal support is not based on a formula. State law provides more than a dozen factors the court is to consider when determining if spousal support will be awarded, and if it is, how much it will be and how long it will continue. Read More


At the Dohner Law Firm, we recognize the advantages latent with the realm of alternative dispute resolution and acknowledge the benefits of mediation in resolving family disputes that may arise. Attorney Dohner provides mediation services involving a… Read More

Collaborative Law

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