Child Support

Experienced Representation in Child Support

Financial support for children is dictated largely by Ohio's child support guidelines. There are various reasons to deviate from the formula, though, and the calculation is different for high earners. You may also need a skilled lawyer to enforce court-ordered obligations or adjust support levels after divorce.

Akron, Ohio attorney John M. Dohner has more than 25 years of experience in determination, modification, and enforcement of child support in northeastern Ohio. Contact our office today to arrange a consultation.

Initial Determination of Child Support

The standard formula calculates child support by gross combined income of the parents — seven percent per child. That amount may be adjusted upward or downward for a number of variables:

  • Child care expenses
  • Health insurance and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Support obligations for other children
  • Spousal support
  • Parenting time for each parent
  • Private school tuition or college savings
  • Special needs of the child

Support guidelines stop when parties have $150,000 in combined income. We have extensive experience in high-asset divorce and the complex negotiation and litigation of child support in those cases.

Attorney Dohner's role in establishing child support is to ensure the court has comprehensive and accurate information about income and expenses. He is adept at finding unreported income and demonstrating that a paying parent is intentionally underemployed.

Modifying or Terminating Child Support

There must be a material change in circumstances to petition for an increase or decrease in child support. It could be a raise in earnings or a job loss, changing needs of the child, or a new custody arrangement. Attorney Dohner has extensive experience representing both parties before the Courts.

A parent can petition to end support when the child reaches age 18 (emancipation). However, support may be continued indefinitely for a "Castle child" who was disabled before age 18 and cannot become financially self-supporting.

Enforcement of Child Support

The Dohner Law Firm can step in if a parent is not paying court-ordered support. Remedies include filing liens, garnishment of wages, and contempt of court proceedings. Attorney Dohner's experience can be especially important in enforcement actions against a non-compliant parent who resides outside of Ohio.

Attorney Dohner works closely with clients to ensure that he understands the results they seek to achieve and to address their unique needs and individual situations in order to customize solutions that are beneficial to them and their families. If you have any questions or concerns about child support, contact our office at 330.376.6300.