Divorce Planning

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Akron, Ohio, Divorce Lawyer with Over 25 Years of Experience

Perhaps you are considering filing for dissolution. Maybe the two of you have mutually agreed to end your marriage. Careful divorce planning with the aid of a knowledgeable attorney will clarify issues going in and improve your financial stability when you emerge from the process.

The Dohner Law Firm represents men and women in Summit County and surrounding jurisdictions of northeastern Ohio, including never-married and same-sex couples whose assets are subject to division. Arrange a consultation today.

We have special experience in high-asset divorce and business valuation, as well as comprehensive separation agreements while the divorce is pending. Visit our Case Summaries page to learn more.

Divorce Planning and Tax Planning

John Dohner is a Certified Family Relations Specialist who has handled thousands of divorces in 25-plus years of practice. He has picked up the pieces for those who charged into divorce proceedings in good faith with bad preparation and has guided many clients to positive outcomes by slowing things down to consider the implications before filing. He helps clients to consider the numerous implications that divorce may have in their lives.

  • There are tax ramifications with respect to any assets you retain in the division of property. Is there an advantage to filing before Jan. 1st or after? Are there steps to minimize the tax hit?
  • Will one of you stay in the marital home, or is it in everyone's interest to sell the house?
  • Can joint debts be divided now, so you are not held accountable later for an ex-spouse's arrears?
  • Were your separate assets owned prior to marriage commingled with the marital estate?
  • Is there a prenuptial agreement, and is it enforceable?
  • For older couples, is legal separation a more suitable alternative to divorce?
  • Is it likely divorce will force either of you into bankruptcy?
  • Will spousal support apply in your divorce?
  • What will be the obligations for child support and college funding?

These are just a sample of the many considerations in comprehensive divorce planning. Attorney Dohner partners with clients to overcome the legal challenges affecting you and your family through a process of collaboration and mutual partcipation. He provides legal representation that is client-centered and responsive to the unique needs of each individual. Call 330.376.6300 to schedule a consultation with Attorney Dohner, with evening or weekend appointments available.