Alternative Ways to Resolve your Divorce and other Family Law Issues

Today, there is a growing trend in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. By the terms and conditions of the contract or by request of the parties, many business disputes are no longer decided in court and are referred, rather, to arbitration or mediation proceedings. This is particularly true in the family law context. Many courts advocate alternative forms of dispute resolution to encourage the parties to come to terms that everyone can agree upon.

At the Dohner Law Firm, we recognize the advantages latent with the realm of alternative dispute resolution and acknowledge the benefits of mediation in resolving family disputes that may arise. Attorney Dohner provides mediation services involving all areas of family law, including divorce, spousal support, child custody, and child support. Attorney Dohner is an experienced mediator with a successful record in resolving disputes. He has practical, applied experience in the arbitration of numerous family law disputes, bringing in depth, hands-on experience to the process.

The Dohner Law Firm’s track record of success lends to the achievement of favorable results for our clients. Visit our Case Summaries page to learn more.

Three methods Mr. Dohner believe work well in family law are collaborative law, mediation, and arbitration, any of which may keep you out of court on contested hearings.


Mediation is a process in which you and your spouse meet with an individual trained in the art of mediation. This person, called a mediator, will not make any decisions for you, but will guide the discussion and assist you and your spouse in reaching an agreement on as many issues as possible.


Arbitration is a process similar to trial, but allows you and your spouse input on the choice of the arbitrator. It also allows you to accelerate the finalization of your divorce. Mr. Dohner is a trained and certified Family Law Arbitrator.