Spousal Support

Will There Be Spousal Support (Alimony) in Your Ohio Divorce?

We Know Spousal Support Trends

Spousal support is not based on a formula. State law provides more than a dozen factors the court is to consider when determining if spousal support will be awarded, and if it is, how much it will be and how long it will continue.

This makes accurate predictions impossible, but Akron attorney John M. Dohner can advise whether spousal support is likely in your case. He has practiced divorce law in northeastern Ohio for over 25 years and knows the tendencies of area courts in awarding spousal support. He has significant experience in high-asset divorces in which spousal support can play a big role.

Temporary and Post-Divorce Spousal Support

Some courts prefer to equalize incomes and living standards. Although it would not apply between two young professionals with similar earning capacity, it is more likely in longer marriages, especially if one spouse put a career on hold to raise children, married before finishing college, or earns substantially less than the other spouse.

— The court may award temporary spousal support (pendente lite) while the divorce is pending. Attorney Dohner makes a compelling case for or against.

— Spousal support (alimony) may be a lump sum or ongoing payments. It can be negotiated by the parties and their lawyers or decided by a judge. Attorney Dohner advises on the best solution for your situation.

Local Insights in Protecting Your Interests

Spousal support varies from county to county in Ohio, and Summit County has one of the highest percentages in the U.S. when awarding spousal support. The court considers factors such as income disparity, length of marriage, age, education, child-rearing responsibilities, and property division. Attorney Dohner ensures that the judge has accurate information and advises clients on their choices, responsibilities, and the tax implications of spousal support.

One judge may tend to award permanent support in marriages of 20 years or more, while another may apply a “Rule of 75” (years of marriage plus the wife's age). Knowing the tendencies of area judges helps Attorney Dohner get his clients a fair shake in contested proceedings and anticipate needs in divorce planning.

Attorney Dohner provides effective and aggressive representation to protect the financial interests of you and your family. We have many years of experience providing honest and expert representation in all cases we handle. Contact the Dohner Law Firm today to arrange consultation with an experienced lawyer, with evening or weekend appointments available.