About Divorce

Experienced Akron Divorce Lawyer

John M. Dohner, Certified Specialist in Family Relations Law

Contested divorce is a long and involved process. It will be one to two years before the judge declares you officially divorced. Between now and then, there will be a range of emotions, many new developments, and some hard decisions.

Attorney John Dohner is your counselor and advocate through the complicated and frustrating divorce process. With over 25 years in marriage and family law, Attorney John Dohner is well equipped to achieve a fair and efficient resolution or advance your interests when litigation becomes necessary.

The Dohner Law Firm serves Akron, Summit County, and surrounding counties of Northeastern Ohio, representing men and women in complex divorce cases, including partners in common law marriages and same-sex couples. Arrange a confidential consultation today.

Creative Solutions for Complex Issues

John Dohner is among the few attorneys certified by the Ohio Bar as a Family Relations Specialist. He is known by judges, peers, and former clients for his ability to resolve the sticky issues of divorce and move the process forward. He positions clients for fair treatment and innovative solutions to:

  • Property division — Including business valuations and high-asset estates
  • Child custody and visitation — Focusing on workable parenting plans
  • Child support — Experience in cases that deviate from state guidelines
  • Spousal support — Familiarity with judges' tendencies in awarding alimony/spousal support

Attorney Dohner believes in thorough divorce planning to protect clients' interests and reach dissolution as quickly as possible. Equitable distribution of marital property and every facet of divorce is carefully considered for the legal, financial, and tax implications.

He encourages mediation and arbitration to resolve as many issues as possible out of court and ably represents clients in contested proceedings when negotiations break down. The Dohner Law Firm also represents clients in prenuptial agreements to preserve separate property and in post-divorce modifications of custody or support, including parent relocation and interstate custody disputes.

Every aspect of your case is important and is handled with personal care and attention. We work to recognize and respect the individual needs of our clients and strive to offer a level of personal attention that is unmatched. Contact the Dohner Law Firm at 330.376.6300. We offer evening and weekend appointments in Akron and Hudson for the convenience of our clients.