Firm Overview

Divorce can often be a long and drawn out process. There will be much communication back and forth with your attorney, who will need to know many intimate details of your life and your marriage. There will be difficult decisions to work through. You can trust that Mr. Dohner has your best interests at heart and has the knowledge and experience to handle whatever complex issues may arise.

It is, therefore, essential that you are comfortable with the legal professional you choose to handle your divorce. Attorney Dohner has over 25 years of focused experience and unique qualifications in matrimonial and family law. He is a valued member of his community and highly regarded by peers, judges, and former clients.

The Dohner Law Firm handles all facets of divorce and family law, including

  • property division
  • child custody
  • child support
  • spousal support
  • prenuptial/antenuptial agreements
  • guardianship
  • paternity disputes
  • legal name changes
  • relocation of the custodial parent
  • allocation of parental rights
  • wills, living wills, and powers of attorney

With a commitment to serving families, the Dohner Law Firm will arrange evening or weekend appointments, and Attorney Dohner will meet with clients in Akron or Hudson. Call 330.376.6300 today to schedule your confidential consultation with a compassionate and experienced attorney who will represent your interests.

Qualified to Handle Complex Issues

John Dohner has negotiated high asset property division, litigated complex issues, such as professional practice valuation and interstate custody disputes, and has handled thousands of cases and hundreds of divorce hearings and trials. Visit our Case Summaries page to learn more.

A Good Listener and a Frank Adviser

Attorney Dohner is a solo practitioner who will personally handle your case from start to finish. He advocates planning for divorce in advance of filing papers and listens closely to clients to identify the unique issues and potential roadblocks to resolution. His familiarity with the tendencies of area judges enables him to give you an honest analysis of the probable outcome of your case, a critical part of your making informed decisions.